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New Study Shows Optimized Curcumin Stops Inflammation

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Move over aspirin.

An ancient remedy has been combined with a scientific breakthrough promising new and greater hope for anyone who suffers from chronic illnesses like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

This hope comes from a recent study done by researchers at the University of North Texas1.  They used Optimized Longvida curcumin.   It’s a revolutionary new supplement that delivers a more powerful dose than any other curcumin supplement on the market.  The findings indicate the potential benefits of curcumin far exceed what researchers previously believed possible.

Study Finds Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties

The study by North Texas researchers was unique for two reasons.

For one, researchers specifically focused on the effect of the Longvida curcumin on the physical effects of inflammation.  To create inflammation they used high-intensity exercise to create “exercise induced muscular damage.”  This type of exercise stimulates an immune response and corresponding inflammation similar to that experienced by those with chronic arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

The study divided 28 college-age participants into two groups.  The test group took Longvida curcumin two days before the exercise and then continued for three days after the exercise.  The control group took a placebo.

To measure its effect on healing researchers took blood samples and tested for specific markers of inflammation.  They found:

  • Levels of TNF-a, a protein that creates inflammation, were 25% lower.
  • Another protein that initiates inflammation called Interleukin-8 (IL-8) was 21% lower on day one and remained an average of 18% lower during recovery.
  • An enzyme that indicates muscle damage, creatine kinase, was 48% lower the first day and returned to normal by day two!

They did measure other inflammatory markers like Interleukin-6.  While lower, these markers did not show statistically significant reductions.

The second factor that made this study unique was the Longvida curcumin itself.

The Power Behind Longvida Curcumin

Your body breaks down curcumin quickly during digestion.

According to researchers, only about 5% of what you ingest actually makes it into the bloodstream.  That leaves very little to make it to the areas where inflammation is the greatest.  It also means that if you took 5 grams of curcumin daily, you would only get an active dose around 250 mg.

While curcumin is safe, high doses are known to cause stomach upset and nausea.

Longvida curcumin eliminates this problem.  It uses an absorption-promoting system called SLCP.  This delivery technology allows curcumin to survive the digestive process and deliver 285x more active curcumin into the bloodstream.

For this study, Longvida curcumin made it possible for researchers to deliver a single, high potency dose of 80mg of optimized curcumin with the test group.  Unlike past studies, this dose created positive results as it reduced inflammation.

Based on faster recovery observed in study participants,  researchers have recommended further research into Longvida’s potential to treat other inflammatory conditions and chronic illness.

Added Benefits of Curcumin

Past studies reported that curcumin provided pain relief for those suffering from inflammation.  One study compared it to the commonly prescribed arthritis drug diclofenac sodium.  That study found curcumin provided better pain relief than the prescription drug, but without side effects2.

Here are additional benefits other studies have reported for curcumin:

Antioxidant superpower.  Curcumin acts as an antioxidant.  It also restores production of glutathione, your body’s natural antioxidant detoxifier.3,4

Restores damaged tissue.  It reverses damage that causes the hardening, fibrosis, and death of liver and lung tissue.5,6

Improves mood.  A study released this year shows reduced symptoms of depression in patients suffering from major depressive disorder. The greatest effect occurred in middle-aged patients.7

Relieves IBS.  It appears its anti-inflammatory activity soothes symptoms of IBS8.   In a related study, patients with ulcerative colitis experienced less severe pain and disease activity while taking curcumin.9

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar.  A 9-month study found the curcumin treatment group did not develop Type II Diabetes while more than 16% of the placebo group did.  The curcumin group had a better response to insulin and had improved pancreas function.10

As researchers note, more study is needed.  Yet the success of curcumin in these previous studies suggests the higher active dose delivered by Longvida offers significant hope for those who suffer from joint pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more.

Maybe it will even replace current anti-inflammatory medications as a safer and more effective alternative.

What You Can Do Today

For anyone who uses curcumin or turmeric, the primary source of curcumin, the Longvida curcumin deserves a look.  As the North Texas study shows, the higher potency dose delivered by this unique supplement actively reduces swelling and inflammation.

Plus, the higher active dose also means it delivers a greater value, 285x more value than ordinary curcumin supplements.  For more information on Optimized Longvida curcumin, click here.

As always you should check with your doctor before you start a new supplement to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any medications you may currently take.

Copywriter and marketer Peter Rufa writes for a wide range of clients but specializes in health.  He writes for doctors, supplement providers, healthcare, medical and fitness organizations throughout the United States.


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