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NEWS: Lipkin Study NOT To Be Released June 30 – Tweet Coverage of IiME Conference

Learned (and corrected) via the grapevine – a Twitter tweet by Jorgen Jelstad from the June 1 London Invest in ME Conference (and noted by other attendees) reported that Dr. Daniel Peterson commented, in a summary of current research, that the Lipkin study is completed and will be released June 30. Jorgen later tweeted that he has learned the info given in the lecture was wrong; it is not due for release on June 30. So we're back to waiting.

What's the Lipkin study? 'Virus hunter' Ian Lipkin, MD, at Columbia has been heading up what he calls "the XMRV/MLV/CFS/ME study" to search for evidence of viruses in blood samples from a well-characterized, geographically distributed US cohort of ME/CFS patients, using cutting edge virus-detecting technology.

June 3 Update: Now all of Jorgen's running tweet coverage of the IiME conference is available online thanks to XMRV Global Action Facebook page – find it HERE [1].