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Occupational disease in Connecticut: 2002.

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Data on chronic work-related conditions were compiled for Connecticut for 2002 from physician reports to the Occupational
Disease Surveillance System (ODSS), the Workers’ Compensation (WC) Commission, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)/ ConnOSHA survey. Physicians reported 2,082 cases of occupational
disease in Connecticut in 2002, approximately half of the estimate of 4,388 cases using the BLS/ ConnOSHA methodology. Cases in the ODSS included 921 (44%) reports of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), 476 adult lead poisonings (based on lab reporting), 338 skin disorders, and 283 respiratory and lung conditions. There were increased reports in both the ODSS and WC systems over 2001 figures. Emerging conditions included vibration-related MSD, a mold-related respiratory outbreak, and
Lyme Disease/tick bites among outdoor workers. Only 86 physicians from 29 clinics reported cases indicating widespread under-reporting of occupational disorders among community physicians despite Connecticut statutes mandating reporting of work-related

Conn Med. 2005 Jun-Jul;69(6):329-34.

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