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OMF’s European Tour to End ME/CFS: Isle of Man Visit May 24-25: Overall impressions from Linda Tannenbaum

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Open Medicine Foundation.

Dear Isle of Man friends, Dear Team OMF friends,

I just finished a very heartwarming visit to the Isle of Man, a beautiful island 30 miles by 10 miles with views of the bay almost from everywhere. It is a small “paradise” with lovely people and I had a very warm welcome. The island has an independent government that can make changes and hopefully be a model for others to follow. We need evidence-based diagnostics and treatments to get into the mainstream as we do for all. I feel that my trip helped to get the process in motion for better services. The government has agreed to allow disability benefits to patients with an ME/CFS diagnosis without additional assessment. They have agreed to set up additional ME/CFS services for both adults and children. We all felt that my visit made a big difference in elevating the need for all of this and now they are moving forward.

Celia Marshall, the chair of the local ME support group, is a wonderful person that took over the ME support group 3 years ago when she heard about the illness and that the support group was needed and about to fold. Celia does not have a loved one affected and yet is very passionate about getting proper care for patients. She is an angel and an extremely organized and lovely person. I personally and Team OMF in general are so happy and lucky to have met with her and to be able to work together.

I am very grateful to have visited and have met such wonderful, caring people and am leaving with the hope of big change ahead for over 350 patients that suffer on this island. I can’t thank our Isle of Man friends enough for their warm welcome and splendid organization.

Welcome to our Team OMF!
Warmly, Linda

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