On September 13 Founder’s Corner: Critical New Piece of Fibromyalgia Puzzle Found?

Proof That Some Doctors “Believe” Thank you so much for the article on the "Dopamine Hypothesis." It is very encouraging to know that the medical community has some people who do believe this is a real condition and are striving to discover the cause and treatment. – Sheila


Mirapex Definitely Helped Me Having both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I can tell you most definitely that Mirapex™ has helped me have more energy. When you have had none for so long it is a wonderful thing. My strength has been tested for the last six weeks since my uncle has been in the hospital… I've been able to do more than I ever dreamed! Can we afford not to look into this? – Mary


Helped Restless Leg Syndrome, Pain I'm writing in response to your article about the “Dopamine Hypothesis.” I've suffered from Fibromyalgia for about 25 years and was finally diagnosed 5 or 6 years ago. I've been taking Mirapex™ for at least eight months now. It was given to me for Restless Leg Syndrome, and it definitely helps with that. I also have a lesser frequency of leg pain. That is a major plus. Mirapex™ helps me get to sleep better, taken two hours before bed and without the groggy feeling I used to get when I took Ambien™. As for the other symptoms of FM – tender points, fatigue, IBS, memory, etc. – I really haven't noticed a difference. Your newsletters help to remind me I'm not in this thing alone. – Teresa


Doctors Should Know: These Medications Can Also Be Terrible Curse I was really disturbed by the article which mentioned Mirapex™ and Requip™ as possible helps for Fibomyalgia. The one which mentioned they are thinking that there might be a dopamine problem with Fibro similar to Parkinson's, and two of the dopamine agonist treatments are Mirapex™ and Requip™. My husband has Parkinson's Disease [PD]. Mirapex™ and Requip™ have been a terrible curse on some PD patients. Some of the patients develop obsessive compulsive disorders toward gambling, spending money, and sex. People who have had no tendency whatsoever to do such things before stop when they stop the drug. Some have lost their life savings and more in a short period of time. One man would head for the casino if he had a quarter in his pocket. When you look up Mirapex™ on the Internet you will find several offers to represent you legally – not something you find on many other drugs. Some of the PD patients on the Web sites I belong to get almost nauseous every time they see Requip™ advertised for Restless Leg Syndrome. None of our doctors gave us any warnings about this possibility. On today's PLWP site [People Living With Parkinson’s], someone mentioned that their doctor, who was in the process of prescribing Mirapex™, just laughed in their face when they mentioned the compulsive gambling, spending, and sex that can go with those agonists. He said “It's just anecdotal.” They don't tell the doctors, and doctors don't know how real it is. There are many people suffering intensely out there from those drugs. The doctors should be required to read the Parkinson’s Disease message boards. This information is beginning to appear in some journals. – Paula


Alzheimer’s-FMS Research Link?
Rich’s article about FMS being caused by hippocampal/dopamine stress-caused dysfunction made me think of research I had read recently about the cause of Alzheimer's. Researchers have found more [brain] plaque in the autopsies of non-Alzheimer's corpses than in those with Alzheimer's. So another arm of research is looking at hippocampal shrinkage caused by cortisol syndrome (another stress-related syndrome.) The hippocampus is the first place besides the eyes in which Alzheimer's shows up. [I wonder if there is] a study that correlates FMS and Alzheimer's? – Mary

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One thought on “On September 13 Founder’s Corner: Critical New Piece of Fibromyalgia Puzzle Found?”

  1. mammabek says:

    the thing i find odd is that fda hasnt ok’d miripex (not nearly as expensive as lyrica on my plan) also o commmercials for cymbalta that mentions fm. as to the studies all the other “great meds” for fm, including lyrica effexor and cymbalta had a 30-40% improvement rate averging a 5 on a 1-10 scale of those not on placebos. the study i saw ( i think based in new orleans) had and 85% of the group not on placebo saying they felt a 8-10 improvement after a 6 week study and the main side effects listed are daytime sleepiness and a very slight chance of hallucinations. you are warned to increase slowly and work closely with your doc. i didnt get this sick over night and i dont expect to get better overnight
    blessings to all

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