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Optic nerve lesion following neuroborreliosis: a case report.

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Neuroborreliosis may cause various neuro-ophthalmological complications. We describe a case with a bilateral optic neuropathy.


A 58-year-old female developed facial paresis six weeks after an insect bite. One week later she developed bilateral optic disc swelling with haemorrhages and nerve fibre bundle defects in the lower visual field of the left eye. In CSF and serum, raised IgM and IgG titres to Borrelia burgdorferi were found. Systemic antibiotic treatment led to improvement of the vision and facial paresis, but not all visual field defects resolved, probably due to ischemic lesions of the optic disc.


In optic nerve lesions due to neuroborreliosis it is difficult to distinguish between inflammatory and ischemic lesions. This patient demonstrated features of an ischemic optic nerve lesion.

Eur J Ophthalmol. 2001 Apr-Jun;11(2):203-6. Case Reports

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