OUR THANKS to all who participated in the November 2 Live Chat Q&A with Dr. DAVID BELL, MD

Watch for the Q&A transcript in the November 7 and 14 FM and ME/CFS HealthWatch newsletters – and be sure to visit the ImmuneSupport.com community chat rooms to try out the fun new chat program. (If you don’t see the chat room visuals when you arrive, just click on Flash Player and follow instructions to download the program and restart your Internet browser.)

And plan to attend the next ImmuneSupport.com Live Chat Event with Fibromyalgia specialist R. Paul St. Amand, MD – on Friday December 7. Dr. St. Amand – Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA, and director of the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center in Marina Del Rey, CA – is also widely known as developer of the Guaifenesin Protocol. He and his Medical Assistant Claudia Craig Marek have written a number of books for Fibromyalgia patients, including What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia.

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