OUR THANKS to Dr. Nancy Klimas, MD, for Participating in ProHealth’s Live Chat Event on Friday, January 11

We will post an edited transcript of the Dr. Klimas Chat here shortly, and in upcoming issues of our ME/CFS and FM newsletters. Dr. Nancy Klimas, MD, is one of the world’s foremost experts on ME/CFS/FM and related illnesses. To read more about Dr. Klimas and her work, see the chat announcement.

Also, mark your calendar for our next Live Chat Event on Friday, February 1, with Dr. Charles Lapp, MD – a CFS pioneer, researcher, and clinician. Dr. Lapp is director of the Hunter-Hopkins Center in Charlotte, North Carolina – one of a few medical offices in the United states that concentrates on the evaluation, management, and care of ME/CFS/FM patients.

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