Outcomes of occupational stressors on nurses: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)–related symptoms

Considering the types and number of occupational stressors involved

in caring for patients, nurses may represent a population at

high risk for physical illnesses. A sample of 3400 nurses who

belong to a statewide or a national nurses organization were

randomly chosen for participation. Of this group, 202 reported

6 months or more of debilitating fatigue and completed a

three-page questionnaire assessing symptoms related to chronic

fatigue syndrome (CFS) and comorbid medical conditions. This

group (N = 202) was mailed a follow-up questionnaire 1 year

later that reassessed symptoms of CFS and occupational

stressors. Many sampled nurses reported a high degree of

occupationally related stress but did not report CFS symptoms;

however, perceived exposure to the threat of an accident as a

nurse and poor physical working conditions were significantly

related to symptoms reported. These findings are consistent

with previous research.

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