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Overcoming the Fear of Disease (Part Two)

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Reprinted from HealerDealerDiary.blogspot.com with the kind permission of Danette Whelan . To read the original article, click here. 

I have learned that healing comes from within you. So if your healing journey happens to come across doctors, practitioners, therapies and modalities that resonate with you, and that you really, truly believe in, then I believe that healing is possible.

As I stated in Overcoming the Fear of Disease (Part 1), “In order for me to heal, I had to get away from the FEAR that was keeping me stuck and sick and find practitioners who believed that healing was possible.”

Dr. Sharon RasaDr. Michael GurevichDr. Tia TrivisonnoDouglas Economy, andKathy Moser are the practitioners who were instrumental in my healing and I feel truly blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed. Each of them, in their own way, helped me to shift out of my “pain body”, to a balanced state of spirit, mind and body. As I healed, I became aware that the root of my illness was not physical. The root of my illness was unresolved emotional trauma, that had been in my sub-conscious since my birth. (Or before that, LOL!) When I began to release past trauma, thanks to the practitioners above, my physical problems began to subside.

I also started to notice that I was seeing myself, my family and everyone else in my life, in a more loving and kind way. I began to see my environment in a more loving and kind way. I was seeing the world in a more loving and kind way. And most of all, I was seeing my powerful and loving connection to God for the first time in my life.

Through spiritual readings and meditation, I have learned that God is the Love within me. God is the Love that is a  part of me. And God is Loving and Kind. And I believe that everything that God creates is Loving and Kind. With this new kind of thinking, I am learning to shift my perception of everything! Including disease! And to my amazement, the fear of getting sick from insect bites and germs is fading away.

Dr. Antoine Bechamp, the French scientist who discovered the cellular theory, found that germs are everywhere and “even existed inside of us in a symbiotic relationship.” (SeeOvercoming the Fear of Disease, Part 1 for more on Dr. Bechamp and his rival, Louis Pasteur).

Since Bechamp’s time, research has proven that we indeed have billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi living in a “symbiotic relationship” in our gut. Research has also proven that we have other potentially threatening organisms living inside of us – one being cancer cells.

These cells also live in a “symbiotic relationship” with the other cells until a trigger or triggers cause them to manifest and lead to tumors / disease.

Can the same principle apply to bacteria, viruses and fungi as well? Maybe the Lyme bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) or even the West Nile virus (Flavivirus) are not only in insects but are a part of the billions of germs living harmoniously in our guts? Can a subconscious or even CONSCIOUS trigger (like FEAR of the disease), create the ultimate unbalance that actually creates sickness?

Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me, clearly states that she believes that her dreaded fear of cancer was the cause of her cancer. When she went through an extraordinary experience that shifted her perspective from fear to love, the cancer disappeared within 5 weeks! (See Anita Moorjani…Fear Caused My Cancer and Anita Moorjani – Unconditional Love Heals for her inspiring story and insights)

I have learned and I truly believe, that each of our thoughts has an energetic and emotional connection to our physical bodies. And each and every one of our billions of cells is conscious of each thought! When we think that we are at the mercy of a bacteria or virus, we give power to that thought. When we think we can get sick from a bug, like a mosquito or tick, we are giving that thought POWER! And what does that make each and every one of us?


Through my experiences, I am learning to see that thinking like a victim is not who I am. And every day I am learning to let go of thoughts that make me feel fearful, powerless and isolated. Every day, I am letting go of the victim thoughts and replacing them with Connecting to the Higher Power Within Me thoughts. Every day, I am learning to see the Loving and Kind God Connection Within Me… and within everyone… and everything. And most of all, every day, I am learning to see and believe that this is my truth.

When we take back our power, through changing our physical, emotional and spiritual body, to a more loving and kind perspective, then our health will be more loving and kind to us. By believing that we are Love and Kindness, we are creating our world that will reflect this belief.

And when we see Love and Kindness in everyone and everything, then disease will be a past memory long forgotten. Disease will not be in our subconscious. It will not make us victims. It will not have power over us.

It just will not… exist.

Danette Whelan is a classically trained pianist, piano teacher, composer, writer, Lyme educator and advocate for holistic healing. Her original music can be found at: http://danettewhelanmusic.com. 

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