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PCR in lyme neuroborreliosis: a prospective study.

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DNA proof is the only widely available direct diagnostic tool in
Lyme borreliosis. Sensitive PCR detecting of spirochetal DNA was prepared and a prospective study in neuroborreliosis was performed.


57 hospitalised patients with active neuroborreliosis and proved CSF antibodies synthesis were examined. Nested-PCR (utilizing three targets) was used for the detection of specific DNA in plasma, CSF and urine.


Before treatment 36 positive patients (63.1%) were found in all tested specimens in parallel, 28 patients (49.1%) were positive in urine, 20 in CSF (35.0%) and 16 in plasma 28.0%). Later only urine was tested and the following results were obtained: 17 positive patients (30.0%) immediately after treatment, 8 (14.0%) after 3 months and one patient persisted positivity after 6 months.


The highest sensitivity of PCR was achieved in the acute period of neuroborreliosis – 63.1% in three body fluids comparing with CSF antibody synthesis.

Acta Neurol Scand. 2005 Nov;112(5):287-92. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t

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