Perceived control: a comparison of women with FM, RA, & Lupus (SLE) using a Swedish version of the Rheumatology Attitudes Index

This study compared the attitudes of women with rheumatoid arthritis

(RA), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), or fibromyalgia

(FM) regarding their perceptions of control and ability to

cope with their disease. We also report the validation of a

Swedish version of the Rheumatology Attitudes Index (RAI).

One hundred thirty-nine women participated in the study by

completing the RAI two or three times along with several other

self-report and disease severity measures. The Swedish

version RAI was found to have acceptable reliability,

evidence of validity, sensitivity to change, and two distinct

factors of internality and helplessness. In general, patients

with RA or SLE perceived higher control over their symptoms

than those with FM. FM patients who participated in a

self-management experimental program significantly changed

their scores on the RAI in a positive direction.

Burckhardt CS, Bjelle A

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