Phylogenetic analysis of short enteroviral sequences from patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

This study used phylogenetic analysis based on a region of the 5'
non-translated region (5'NTR) of a variety of enteroviral
sequences to compare sequences associated with chronic fatigue
syndrome (CFS) and those from enteroviruses causing acute
infections. Direct sequencing of PCR products was used to
obtain the nucleic acid sequences from CFS patients. The
inferred phylogenetic tree identified three groupings, one
correlating with the diagnosis of CFS. The analysis identified
a close relationship between the chronic fatigue enteroviral
sequences, and showed that 19/20 were distinct from previously
described enteroviruses. These results suggest there is
persistence of enterovirus infection in some CFS patients and
indicate the presence of distinct novel enterovirus sequences.

Galbraith DN, Nairn C, Clements GB

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