Pilot study assessing balance in women with fibromyalgia syndrome – Source: Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Nov 2009

The purpose of current study was to assess postural control and balance self-efficacy in people with fibromyalgia syndrome [FMS]. Thirty-two females with FMS completed the Activity-specific Balance Confidence Scale, Berg Balance test, NeuroCom Balance Master sensory-organization test, and limits of stability.

There was a high prevalence of reported falls and a low mean score on the Activity-specific Balance Confidence Scale.

A significant number of subjects scored below the population norm fifth percentile score on the sensory-organization test composite, visual, and vestibular sections.

Preliminary evidence suggests that women with FMS may present with deficits in postural control, sensory organization, and balance self-efficacy.

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Nov 2009;25(8):555-565. PMID: 19925263, by Russek LN, Fulk GD. Physical Therapy Department, Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York, USA.

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