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Prevalence of antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in Sardinian teen-agers.


A cross-sectional sero-epidemiological study was conducted on teen-agers in Northern Sardinia, a low risk population for
Lyme borreliosis. The adjusted sero-prevalence estimate for Enzyme Linked Immunofluorescent Assay on 443 teen-agers (229 males and 214 females) was 6.1%. The females vs males Odds Ratio was 5.1 (CI95%: 2.1-12.8). The prevalence was associated with the family size (chi2 for trend: p=0.03); teenagers without cohabitants, except parents, had a five fold risk (CI95%: 1.2-20.7) of sero-positivity in comparison to those with wider families. No significant association was found with other socio-economical indices nor with pet-owning. In conclusion, positive
Lyme serology is not common in Northern Sardinia, but further sero-epidemiological survey on at high-risk population (forestry workers, hunters, shepherds) are needed.

Ann Ig. 2004 Jan-Apr;16(1-2):103-8. English Abstract [1]