Primary fibromyalgia (FM) & allergy

Primary fibromyalgia (PF) has attracted much interest since

the 80’s. There are many controversies as to whether it is a

true disease or not and many studies are carried on. In this

study 32 patients which were accepted as PF were examined for

some frequent symptoms and allergy and compared with

controls. Migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep

disturbance and morning stiffness were investigated and found

to be 40.6%, 12.5%, 71.9%, 68.8% respectively. Sleep

disturbance and morning stiffness showed a positive

correlation. Allergy background of PF patients was found

frequently when compared with an age and sex matched control

group. Though serum IgE levels were found elevated in PF

group, they were not statistically significant. Allergic skin

tests which could not be performed in the control group, were

positive in 10 of 15 PF patients.

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