Printable Medical Forms In Case of Emergency Away from Home

With travel season here it’s very likely there will be mishaps or health problems when you or family members are away from home.

The American College of Emergency Physicians offers some simple, printable forms and advice that can save time-to-treatment and lives in the emergency department.

Medical History form – should travel with each family member and reside with contacts at home.

Consent to Treat forms in Spanish and English, for minor children, giving the parent’s consent to provide emergency treatment in case he/she can’t be contacted promptly.

Instructions for how to add ICE (in case of emergency) numbers in your or your child’s cell phone and address book. These contacts should be at least two people familiar with your medical history (ICE #1 and ICE #2). Emergency personnel recognize the acronym ICE, and can both notify and get vital information from the contacts.

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