Profile of Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino, MD

Dr. Mark Pellegrino, MD, is a physician who has devoted his life to treating people with painful conditions and fibromyalgia.

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practicing at the Ohio Rehab Center, Dr. Pellegrino has FM himself, and has treated thousands of others with tested advice and unassuming humor.

He is known worldwide for his knowledge of fibromyalgia management, based on his many patient-oriented articles and books, the most recent of which is the useful and highly recommended Fibromyalgia: Up Close and Personal.

Dr. Pellegrino is “committed to work together with fibromyalgia patients to solve our problems.” To read more of his advice to those with FM, ME/CFS, chemical sensitivities, IBS, and related illnesses, see the transcript of his recent Live Q&A Session in the Chat Room.

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