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Protecting Patients’ Right to Access Compounded Medications

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The FDA is approving new regulations presented by drug companies to eliminate compounding pharmacies and eliminate practitioners’ access to IV treatments. Many people with Lyme disease and other chronic health conditions rely upon bio-identical hormones and other compounded medications to function and recover from chronic Lyme disease.
In the past, whenever drug companies have attempted to outlaw bio-identical hormones and shut down compounding pharmacies, the only thing that has stopped them has been a massive public outcry from the public.
The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists is encouraging the public to support a bill that would keep compounding pharmacies open and shut the door on drug companies’ attempts to limit IV treatments.
Even if you don’t take compounded products or benefit from IV nutrition, you can support Lyme patients who do by signing the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists' petition, which you can access here. By signing this petition, you will be helping thousands of people with chronic Lyme and other illnesses to maintain their right to take life-saving medications and do IV treatments that benefit them in their healing. 

Source:  International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. PLEASE SUPPORT S. 1406 SAVING ACCESS TO COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS PATIENTS ACT. Accessed on January 15, 2016 from:

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