Psychometric properties of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory, Dutch language version – fibromyalgia research

The purpose of this study was to investigate the psychometric

properties of a Dutch translation of the Multidimensional Pain

Inventory, MPI-DLV. Data was available on 733 chronic pain

patients. There were three issues of special interest. The

first one related to the comparability between the MPI-DLV and

the American and German MPI versions with regard to the

psychometric aspects. The second dealt with the construct

validity of the MPI-DLV scale ‘general activity’.

It was

predicted that patients with high scores on this scale would

be in better physical condition, as measured on a

working-to-tolerance bicycle ergometer test. In relation to

the third issue, attention was given to the factor-invariance

between fibromyalgia patients and back pain patients. From the

results obtained it was concluded that (1) the factorial

structure of the three MPI parts is replicated and the

reliability estimates and validity indicators are similar to

those from the American and German versions; (2) patients with

high scores on the ‘general activity’ scale are in better

physical condition and (3) MPI- DLVs of fibromyalgia and back

pain patients do have similar factorial structures. Evidence

was also obtained that the MPI-DLV is sensitive to treatment

changes. Applications of the MPI-DLV are discussed.

Lousberg R, Breukelen GJ, Groenman NH, Schmidt AJ, Arntz A, Winter

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