Publisher’s Note

1. Herpesvirus Diagnostics, Inc. is the only commercial laboratory in the United States utilizing “gold standard” culture and isolation techniques for HHV-6A and B infections. Healthwatch has been informed by the lab that a high percentage of CFIDS and MS patient samples are being tested, including cerebral spinal fluid samples.

2. Funds are desperately needed to complete the last part of the CFIDS/HHV-6 study. Completion of this study can be finished in three months if you or a loved one will please support this pivotal research. Please make out a tax deductible check earmarked for the Drs. Komaroff, Peterson, Knox and Carrigan CFIDS study, made payable to the 501(c)(3) non-profit CFIDS Association of America. Please send your donation to Healthwatch, 1187 Coast Village Road #1-280, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Without your support, this project may not be completed because of lack of funding. If you would like to donate $10,000 or more, Rich Carson will pay for your testing and discuss with you the exciting potential of several antiviral drugs, including Labucavir as possible treatments.

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