PWCs Battle Disability Insurers

Persons with CFIDS (PWCs) are preparing the legal battleground to fight the rampant discrimination against them by disability insurers. A common tactic employed by Long-Term Disability (LTD) providers is to claim that a client is disabled by a “mental/nervous” condition rather than a physical illness (chronic fatigue syndrome). In most cases, coverage of disability due to “mental/nervous” conditions is capped at two years; after that time all benefits are terminated, often leaving the patient destitute with little recourse.

The CFIDS Chronicle (a publication of The CFIDS Association of America) will publish an expose of the discriminatory tactics employed by LTD carriers against PWCs in an upcoming issue. To facilitate networking, we will public a list of PWCs involved in or considering lawsuits against their LTD insurers. If you would like to hear from other PWCs who are having problems getting coverage from your carrier, please send you name mailing address and the name of your insurance company to: The CFIDS Chronicle, PO Box 220398, Charlotte NC 28222-0398. Pleased send it in at your earliest possible convenience.

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