Randomized Double Blind Clinical Study Shows Improvement for 90% of Fibromyalgia Patients Using Swiss Medica’s O24 Pain Relief Product

Toronto, Canada – Pursuant to the Company’s December 22nd (2004) News Release, Swiss Medica is pleased to
announce the results of the randomized double blind clinical trial conducted during the fourth quarter, comparing the
Company’s O24™ pain reliever against a placebo on patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Dr. Gordon Ko (Head, Fibromyalgia clinic) and Dr. David Berbrayer (Head, Dept. Rehabilitation Medicine) at
Sunnybrook & Women’s Health Sciences Centre (University of Toronto), directed this 4-6 week pilot study of 153
fibromyalgia subjects. Of these, 133 participants (87%) completed the study with 68 (51%) using a placebo. The
other 65 (49%) used the O24™ product. Assessments of these participants were carried out at multiple community
clinics in the Greater Toronto Area.

“The group treated with O24™ compared to placebo showed statistically significant improvement when measured
on the Visual Analog Scale for pain,” announced Dr. Gordon Ko, who is also the Medical Director for the Canadian
Centre for Integrative Medicine in Markham, Ontario. Dr. Ko’s clinical study was statistically peer-reviewed by Marko
Katic, biostatistician at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Studies (ICES). Dr. Ko has submitted his findings to a peer-
reviewed medical journal for publication.

Improvement was also statistically significant for VAS night pain, Jamar hand-grip strength, total number of
fibromyalgia tender points and the average tender point pain threshold as measured by algometry. For participants
who used O24™, more than 90% of the patients reported mild to markedly better improvement on the 7-point Lanier
rating scale. Nearly 54% reported moderately better or markedly better results using O24™ instead of the placebo.
About 80% of the placebo group reported no change in their condition and 13% reported a worsening of their
condition. Only 7% reported mild improvement from the placebo.

Dr. Ko concluded about O24™, “With the demise of traditional medications, such as the Cox-2 inhibitors, the use of
therapies that have such clinical effectiveness, and minimal to insignificant side effects, is exciting news.”

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