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Recipe: Mega-Golden Milk

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As MegaFood’s Territory Manager for the North Atlantic region, I have the pleasure of visiting health food stores in and around Boston’s North and South Shore areas. I am committed to help these businesses thrive and grow by keeping their shelves stocked with the right product mix while bringing energy and education to the table. (Along with the occasional cup of coffee- gotta share the love!).

In addition to supplements in tablet form, MegaFood carries a line of Daily Nutrient Booster Powders, which can be added to any smoothie or beverage, an alternative delivery form to the typical tableted supplement. It’s always fun to set up an in-store sampling station and introduce people to MegaFood by way of the ever-loved smoothie.

As winter weather settles into Boston, I wanted to try sampling MegaFood’s booster powders via a warm beverage. Golden Milk, which gets its name for the beautiful hue of turmeric root, came to mind. I thought Golden Milk would be a perfect vehicle for MegaFood’s Daily Turmeric Booster Powder, and I tested that theory by hauling a crockpot full of it to my next store demo.

The results? People are just loving it! I’ve taken the traditional recipe and added nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla, making it reminiscent of an eggnog, perfect for the holiday season. The ingredients are as follows:

Recipe for Mega-Golden Milk

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and heat on the stovetop over medium heat, stirring often to avoid scorching until contents are hot, but not quite boiling. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy. (Serves 1)

I hope you enjoy drinking (and serving!) Mega-Golden Milk as much as I do. Happy Holidays!


Maryjane lives on the  beautiful North Shore in Essex, MA. When not visiting natural retailers, she can be found taking graduate school classes, cheering on the Patriots, and planning her wedding with a super handsome sea kayaker.

Reprinted with kind permission of MegaFood

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