Recognizing Top Fibromyalgia Professionals in Michigan

Helping Our Pain and Exhaustion, (H.O.P.E.) a non profit organization for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatifgue would like to recognize and thank Michigan professionals in the medical community, for their commitment and dedication to helping Fibromyalgia patients. If you would like us to recognize your Fibromyalgia physician, psychologist or allied health care provider send us a letter describing the qualities that make him/her stand out as a top Fibromyalgia professional.

Please include the name and location of the person you are recognizing. We will place the information on the web site and inform the recipient. Also include your name and contact information.

You may email this or send it to:

Helping Our Pain and Exhaustion
23915 Forest Park
Novi, MI. 48374

HOPE will be sponsoring a luncheon to honor these professionals, once all the nominations are in. The due date for the nominations is October 31, 2005.

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