Recording of Dr. Jason Webinar on Need for Improved CFS Diagnostic Criteria & Case Definitions

[Note: the CFIDS Assoc.-sponsored webinar described below was held Apr 14, 2 to 3pm EST. You can watch a recording with slides of Dr. Jason’s presentation & Q&A at]

DePaul University’s Dr. Leonard A Jason is a leader in efforts to create more meaningful ME/CFS case definitions. In this CFIDS Association of America-sponsored live Webinar he will explain:

• How the various current CFS case definitions affect research and care, and

• Improvements that would better serve researchers, physicians, and patients alike.

For more information and to join the webinar, go to (scroll down). There is also a link to determine the time in your time zone.

In case you miss all or part of the live presentation, the CFIDS Assoc. posts videos/audio/slides of its webinars soon after they are conducted, at

About Dr. Jason: As director of the Center for Community Research at Chicago’s DePaul University, Dr. Jason is a much-published, highly active researcher-advocate for those with ME/CFS and other disabling illness.

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