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Sciatica, disk herniation, and neuroborreliosis. A report of four cases.


We report four cases of sciatica in patients with same-level disk herniation confirmed by computed tomography and a final diagnosis of acute radiculitis caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, with a favorable response to ceftriaxone therapy. The neurological manifestations of
Lyme disease are protean, and a potential contribution of concomitant disk
disease to sciatica can lead to diagnostic wanderings. Disk lesions and infectious conditions that can cause sciatica are discussed. Whether a favorable response to antibiotic therapy should be taken as proof of B. burgdorferi radiculitis deserves discussion. In practice, in a patient with clinical manifestations suggesting disk-related nerve root pain and residing or having traveled to an endemic area, B. burgdorferi infection should be looked for, as both etiologies can coexist.

Joint Bone Spine. 2004 Sep;71(5):433-7. Case Reports [1]