Simultaneous multiple-modality therapy for tension headaches & neck pain

Eighty-one patients suffering from neck pain and tension-type

headaches were treated by the application of a unique physical

therapy device combining transcutaneous electrical nerve

stimulation (TENS), traction, massage, vibration, and

acupressure applied to the forehead, posterior cervical spine,

and scapula. The device employed eight silver silicone

electrodes for modality application. Its safety and

effectiveness were assessed by evaluating patients before and

after treatment. No complication ensued. Statistical analysis

of visual analog scales for neck pain and headache yielded p

values < 0.0001. Analysis of fibromyalgia neck and shoulder
trigger points with three controls gave nonsignificant

results. Conclusions were that 1) the device is safe and

effective as judged by subjective patient input and 2)

fibromyalgia trigger points are unaffected by the treatments.

More objective measures are needed to provide evidence of


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