Sleep anomalies in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). A comorbidity study

Polysomnographic findings were compared between a group of patients
with the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS; n = 49) and a matched
healthy control (HC) group (n = 20). Sleep initiation and
sleep maintenance disturbances were observed in the CFS group.
The percentage of stage 4 was significantly lower in the CFS
group. A discriminant analysis allowed a high level of correct
classification of CFS subjects and HC. Sleep-onset latency and
the number of stage shifts/hour contributed significantly to
the discriminant function. The presence of these anomalies as
well as the decrease in stage 4 sleep were not limited to the
patients also diagnosed with fibromyalgia or with a
psychiatric disorder. No association was found between sleep
disorders and the degree of functional status impairment. The
mean REM latency and the percentage of subjects with a
shortened REM latency were similar in CFS and HC.

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