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Solbec Pharma Has New Drug They Think Can Treat Cancer & Other Diseases Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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By Andrew Nelson

Solbec Pharmaceuticals Limited (SBP) today announced that it has completed its manufacturing facility within its premises at Osborne Park, Western Australia. The Australian biotechnology company advised that the 60m2 facility has been built to satisfy world standards in construction.

The company advised that the facility has been designed to accelerate the pilot scale manufacturing of lead compound SBP002. Product from the company’s horticultural facility in south of Perth, is transported to Osborne Park where it is to be processed to extract SBP002.

“This will then be sent to an accredited TGA/FDA facility for final processing into the key ingredient of SBP002,” the company explained.

SBP002 is a lead compound formed by a combination of two glycoalkaloids isolated from the fruit of Solanum linnaeanum, a weed more commonly know as Devil’s Apple. Currently the drug has completed its pre-clinical phase of trials as an anti cancer treatment and is in Phase 1 studies in Cancer patients at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, offered the company

As well as treating a range of cancers, Solbec claims that SBP002 may be useful for treating a wide range of IL-6 related diseases.

“These include inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis; microbial diseases such as HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome and malaria; heart disease such as cardiac myopathy; and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, thyroiditis and Castleman’s disease.”

Solbec advised it has lodged patents to cover this exciting aspect of the drug’s activity.

The company has received an Australian Government grant of $196,000 through the Ausindustry Biotechnology Innovation Fund to carry out further research on SBP002.

“This research is to look at the ability of SBP002 to boost the immune system,” they explained

According to the bio research specialists, the new pilot scale facility will provide sufficient product for their clinical program as well as marketing samples, without being required to build a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant.

Commissioning of the manufacturing process began in late January and will take approximately three to four months to complete, they concluded.

Source: Shaw Online at www.egoli.com.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (100) votes, average: 3.15 out of 5

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