Sterinol: The Smart Natural Way to Boost Your Immune System

Research supports use of sterols

„h Professor Patrick J.D. Bouic of the University of Stellenbosche has found that the sterols in plants will boost the immune system

„h M.B. Gupta, R. Nath conclude that sterols possess highly potent anti-inflammatory actions with a high margin of safety

„h Sterols have been tested on more than 25,000 people with no adverse affects

Startling Discovery–Sterols as immune booster and anti-inflammatory

South African researcher Dr. Patrick J.D. Bouic has made a startling discovery that could prove to be groundbreaking in treating CFS and FM: the use of a plant fat called sterols, converted into a new formula–Sterinol.

Sterinol–made from the two naturally occurring plant compounds called sterols and sterolins–works on two fronts in the battle toward wellness for those individuals with CFS and FM. First, it improves the immune system¡¦s ability to self-heal, making it ¡¥smarter.¡¦ Second, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Sterinol¡¦s Benefits

„h Increases number of ¡§smart¡¨ immune cells

TH-1 (T-helper) cells are lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are the body¡¦s own powerful defense against disease. Sometimes TH-1 cells get ¡§stuck¡¨ when responding to a viral infection. The sterols in Sterinol can correct this imbalance.

„h Potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial

In studies, test groups using Sterinol showed lower neutrophil counts than those using the placebo. Neutrophils attack normal cells as part of autoimmune disorders.

„h Strong anti-inflammatory. Researchers found that Sterinol decreased interleukin levels, which are indicators of inflammation.

„h Long history of safety — no adverse reactions

What are sterols?

Sterols are fats found in every plant, whether it is a fruit or vegetable. Chemically sterols are very similar to the animal fat cholesterol. Animals make and use cholesterol, but plants use phytosterols.

Sterols are abundant in all plants, but unfortunately, this does not mean that we humans always benefit from them. Because of the processing of most foods, naturally occurring sterols are leeched from plants. And even if we could eat plant foods rich in sterols, we would have to eat 500-700 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables to derive 100 grams of sterols. This makes supplementing sterols critical, especially for those with compromised immune systems.

Why are sterols ¡¥smart¡¦?

The weakened immune systems that accompany CFS and FM illnesses leave people with these illnesses open to many viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, boosting the body¡¦s own natural defenses against these contaminants is one of the best lines of defense against the diseases.

Our bodies possess the most powerful weapons against disease, its own immune system. T-cells are a crucial part of the body¡¦s immune response to foreign substances. Low T-cell counts mean the body¡¦s ability to fight off disease is also low. So people with compromised immune function, like those with CFS and FM, need to boost this natural capacity.

The sterols in Sterinol work by increasing activity of certain T cells, making them ¡¥smart.¡¦ Sterinol increases output of these smart T-cells. It also boosts another type of cell critical to the immune response–Natural Killer cells. NK cells work by identifying, attaching to and injecting deadly granules into diseased cells. It is the combination of these two properties that makes Sterinol a ¡¥smart¡¦ way to attack your illness.

Findings of research and clinical studies

Ten years of clinical trials at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa have revealed that the active compounds in Sterolin are potent immuno-modulators. One study, published in the International Journal of Immunopharmacology, showed that sterols have a significant effect on T-cells. Another experiment showed an increase in Natural Killer Cell activity when sterols were used.

This is particularly significant to people with immune deficiencies because T-cells and Natural Killer Cells are part of the body¡¦s defense system. Low counts of these cells means lower immunity levels. Sterinol, which increases T-cell and NK cell function, helps improve the body¡¦s immunities.

The other half of the Sterinol story is its application as an anti-inflammatory. A study published in Planta medica, the Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, showed that sterols possessed highly potent anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone. What¡¦s more, sterols performed this action with a high margin of safety–no gastric upsets. This same study found that sterols also reduced fevers in the same way that aspirin does.

Is Sterinol safe?

This patented formula of pine and soy sterols has been tested and proven to be completely without side effects. In fact, sterols have been tested on over 25,000 human patients and in animal studies at doses 2,500 times higher than those used in humans. No abnormal findings or adverse drug effects occurred.

How to take Sterinol

One capsule of Sterolin should be taken 3 times per day on an empty stomach for optimal absorption. As always, consult your health care professional.

Patients laud Sterinol

¡§I have been suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for the last fifteen years. I have seen over 200 doctors, healers, therapists, etc. – all to little or no avail. Conventional medicine has failed to treat – or even believe in – these debilitating diseases. Last month I tried Sterinol and have now been taking it for a month. I have noticed a marked improvement in the “arthritic” condition in my hands and feet. I could not have typed this letter a month ago! I have also noticed that I feel stronger and have more energy. I have been prone to coming down with flu-like symptoms for most of the last fifteen years, but these symptoms are now much less noticeable and less debilitating. All in all, I give your product an A+!!! I will continue to use it and hopefully will continue to show more improvement as time goes by. Thank you.

–L H, Alaska, USA

I am 100% satisfied with what Sterinol has done for me. It has only been a few weeks and I feel like a totally new person. I feel like I can handle the world now; my joints only ache a bit in the morning, my eyes are white and bright again, my sleepless nights have ended, and the migraine headaches are actually nothing. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for making me feel human again.

DD, Alberta, Canada

¡§I am writing to tell you how very much I have benefited from taking Sterinol to support my immune system. For the past 8 years, every time I caught a cold it would be endless and had to be assisted with antibiotics. In the beginning, I took Sterinol 3 times daily, but now that my immune system is stronger, I only take one every morning. I cannot say enough about Sterinol!¡¨

–M.L., Quebec, Canada

¡§I have noticed a marked improvement in my digestion, the return of a normal sleep pattern and a sense of feeling good when I wake up. In short, I¡¦m starting to feel like my old self again with lots of energy, enthusiasm and cheerfulness¡KIn fact, this is the one product that produced results and therefore I am delighted.¡¨

–J.J., Ontario


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