Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, with Testimony by Ross Perot

Co-Cure Announcement – January 24, 2002

Tom Hennessy of RESCINDinc. had an opportunity to talk to Ross Perot last night, and told him that civilians have been sick with FMS and CFS for years, and that the midlevel Pentagon workers seem to have been quite dishonest, Perot said: “Yes, I am aware of that!” and Tom congratulated him and thanked him for helping vets all these years.

Ross Perot and company are going to be testifying about GWS, with subsets of FMS and CFS.

PLEASE, spread the word and call anyone you can and ask to cover the hearings. Today (1/24/02) is the FIRST day of the ENRON hearings which will get the lion’s share of the coverage. However, Ross Perot is VERY popular with C-span watchers and if you could write to every list you know and ask them to go to, or call the front desk at (202) 737-3220, and ask for them to cover the “Subcommittee on National Security, Veterans Affairs, with Testimony by Ross Perot.” It is being held in the Rayburn Office building, room 2154. There is another line for viewer services at (765) 464-3080.

They also, have an e-mail address for suggesting events to be covered:

PLEASE spread this news far and wide. We need all the coverage we can get, and there will be members of the British Parliament, Mr. Perot, and top U.S. doctors and scientists, including Dr. Urnovitz and Garth Nicolson.

Source: Co-Cure

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