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SURVEY: Cognitive Impairment II

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Two years ago ProHealth ran a survey on cognitive impairment. The survey garnered an unprecedented number of reponses, an indication that cognitive impairment is high on the list of concerns for people with chronic illnesses.

Cognitive impairment is not only a very common symptom in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis, it affects patients with Lyme disease, Gulf War Illness, hypothyroidism, and all neuroimmune illnesses. The range of cognitive problems associated with these illnesses may include such things as forgetfulness, memory lapses, an inability to concentrate, easy distractibility, confusion, transposing numbers or words, getting lost in familiar places and difficulty communicating effectively.

These symptoms are collectively referred to as “brain fog,” because trying to focus the cognitively impaired brain feels much like trying to see what's around you in a dense fog.

The degrees of impairment can range from mild to severe, and in come cases can result in the loss of employment.

ProHealth would like to have your input on this frustrating symptom. What types of cognitive impairment do you experience? What remedies have you tried? What has or has not worked for you? Have you developed any coping methods to help you function more effectively?

Results will be posted next month on the ProHealth site and in our HealthWatch newsletters.

Fill out the survey HERE.

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One thought on “SURVEY: Cognitive Impairment II”

  1. coralbo@hotmail.com says:

    I briefly worked part time as a teller at a bank in a period where I was in s kind of remission. My last day I came up short by $500 15 minutes after I started. It was a day I was feeling strong and together. We had video tape to review. Third person in line steps up just as you see my shoulders slump from the back. They have trouble communicating with me, I eventually hit some random keys on the computer slow motion and repeated three times, then I reach three times for a receipt that isn”t printed. I stop and stare and the customer reminds me he wants his $500. I grab a handful of money from the drawer and the customercounts out $500. As he leaves, you can see me jerk, stand up straight and serve the next customer. I have no memory of it. Now I know, what I’m doing when I find things done that I’ve just done again, or when people tell me I was at a meeting and I have no memory of it. Unfortunately, it was a bank, so they wouldn’t give me the video tape.

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