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SURVEY: What Is Your Diagnosis?

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Three years ago ProHealth’s editors Erica Verrillo and Karen Lee Richards ran a survey, “What Is Your Diagnosis?” The responses to that survey were informative in many ways. You told us what conditions you were most interested in reading about. You also gave us greater insight into your health concerns.

Since 2013, ProHealth has expanded to include Lyme disease. Its readership has also increased, with visitors to the website numbering over 500,000 a month. So, now it is time to ask you again – What is your diagnosis?

We want to continue to provide you with the latest news and information available on the health topics that most interest you. We know a large number of you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and/or ME/CFS. Many of you have other illnesses as well. In addition, there may be certain diseases that run in your family which concern you, or you may have a loved one who has a condition that you want to stay on top of.

The purpose of this single-question survey is to give you the opportunity to tell us which health conditions you want to know more about. We will do our best to bring you that information through the daily news updates on ProHealth’s website and our four monthly newsletters.

Note: Individual responses to this survey are anonymous. The survey contains no personally identifiable information. The results will only be used in aggregate.

Please click HERE to access the survey.

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One thought on “SURVEY: What Is Your Diagnosis?”

  1. FMoldtimer says:

    The problem with the one-question survey is that it runs the risk of producing false correlations. That someone is diagnosed with a set of illnesses doesn’t mean those diagnoses are causally related to each other. On top of that, you seem to have added a significant amount of woo and quackery in response to the previous survey. We don’t need advice from naturopaths, owners of diploma mill credentials, documented quacks, etc. such as “Dr.” Mercola and Sue Engebretson. We need advice from properly credentialed medical doctors, registered nurses, and registered dieticians. We need reports of research by rheumatologists and immunologists, not suggestions that we can avoid colds by praying and practicing gratitude. In short, clean up your site and present credible information, not new-age nonsense.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3) votes, average: 5.00 out of 5