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Ten Remarkable Health Benefits of Melatonin

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You may think that the benefits of melatonin only have to do with helping you to sleep. Although it’s true that melatonin can encourage sleep and improve its quality, realize that sleeping better has a cascade effect that can improve your overall health. Regular, restorative sleep is essential to reduce stress, improve our immune defenses, fight cardiovascular disease and much more.

Examine.com, the supplement research website, reports the many benefits of melatonin, including general neuroprotective effects from the powerful antioxidants contained in melatonin. It also has several anti-cancer properties, says Examine.com, and is currently being investigated for its role in fighting breast cancer. Moreover, though melatonin does not appear to have much of an effect on lean mass or body fat, it may stop your body from gaining more fat. Melatonin supplementation also benefits eye health, possibly reduces tinnitus, and improve mood.

There are many melatonin brands you can pick from, and they come in various forms. You can get tablets or capsules that you swallow, sublingual tablets you let dissolve under your tongue, and a relatively new delivery method – a liposomal spray.

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