Tests of functional limitations infibromyalgia (FM) syndrome: a reliability study

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the reliability and discriminative ability of

a test battery consisting of 7 tests designed for the

assessment of functional limitations in patients with

fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS).

METHODS: The intrarater

reliability of the test battery was evaluated for 15 women

with FMS. Interrater reliability was calculated on 4 tests

separately. Fifteen healthy women constituted a reference


RESULTS: The intrarater coefficient of variation was <
8% for the shoulder range of motion tests, chair test, and

6-minute walk test, and < 21% for the shoulder endurance test,
with correlation coefficients above 0.80 for all tests. Kappa

was 0.70-0.80 for the hand-to-scapula tests. The interrater

coefficient of variation was < 5% for shoulder range of
motion. The performances of the FMS patients were

significantly decreased in comparison with healthy subjects in

all the tests except for the hand-to-scapula movement.

CONCLUSIONS: All but 1 of the selected 7 tests were considered

to possess acceptable intrarater reliability for use in FMS in

clinical physical therapy practice.

Mannerkorpi K, Svantesson U, Carlsson J, Ekdahl C

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