The 5-HT3 blockers in the treatment of the primary fibromyalgia (FM) syndrome: a 10-day open study with Tropisetron at a low dose

A 10-day open trial with Tropisetron, the selective serotonin
type 3 receptor antagonist, in a dose of 5 mg daily was
undertaken in 19 patients with the primary fibromyalgia
syndrome (FB). Before and after the therapy, pain was
assessed using a visual analogue scale and a pain score. All
the patients were asked about the presence and intensity of
vegetative and functional symptoms. Moreover, the tenderness
at the 24 typical tender points at baseline and at the end of
the therapy was evaluated. A statistically significant
improvement of all examined parameters was observed after the
therapy. The efficacy of Tropisetron in a dose of 5 mg daily
was comparable with the results obtained in a previously
reported trial with a dose of 10 or 15 mg per day, but the
frequency of gastric troubles decreased (21% vs. 60%). The
hypothesis about the existence of two subgroups of patients
with FB is also discussed.

Samborski W, Stratz T, Lacki JK, Klama K, Mennet P, Muller W

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