The Connecticut CFIDS & FM Association’s Annual Spring Conference

You Are Cordially Invited to The Connecticut CFIDS & FM Association’s Annual Spring Conference

When: April 6th, 2002

Where: University Of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT,in the Green Auditorium

Time: From 1:00-4:30

The Speaker Will Be: Dr. Charles W. Lapp

Speaking about: Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – an update of the most recent treatments

Dr. Lapp is medical director of the Hunter-Hopkins Center in Charlotte,

North Carolina, and a long time CFIDS & FM practitioner and researcher.

Dr. Lapp is an instructor for the CDC and CFIDS of America sponsored “Train the Trainer” program.

For the second half of the program we will be showing the documentary

“I Remember Me” which chronicles the history of CFIDS and how it

affected the film maker Kim Snyder. This documentary also features

Connecticut’s own Stephen Paganetti and his battle with CFIDS.

Roger Ebert movie reviewer for the Chicago Sun Times wrote “I now

believe in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was one of the many who somehow

absorbed the notion that it was an imaginary illness. I am ashamed of my self.”

If you want your family and friends to see how debilitating this illness is, bring them to see “I Remember Me”

There is a donation of $7 for members and $9 for nonmembers Preregistration is not required.

For More Information Please Call:

800-952-2037 or


This Conference is Cosponsored by Pfizer, Inc.

For the Comfort of All, Please No Perfume or Hair Spray!

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