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The enlarging clinical spectrum of Lyme disease: Lyme cerebral vasculitis, a new disease entity.

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The case of a patient with cerebral vasculitis with a right thalamic infarct associated with cerebral spinal fluid
Lyme disease is presented. This entity has not been described in the United States, and only one similar case in the world literature could be found. The patient presented with a progressive headache and subsequent development of grand mal seizure activity.
Lyme disease has been associated with cranial nerve palsies, peripheral and cranial radiculopathies, aseptic meningitis, encephalitic symptoms, chorea, and demyelinating polyneuropathy presenting like Guillain-Barré syndrome. These syndromes can occur separately or in combination. Stroke and strokelike syndromes have been attributed to
Lyme disease. The literature concerning the neurologic manifestations of
Lyme disease is reviewed.

Ann Emerg Med. 1990 May;19(5):572-6. Case Reports

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