The Fast-Acting Solution for Healthy Digestive Function

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Most people can intake a variety of foods or liquids… but not you. You have a sensitive stomach, and you’re faced with extreme challenges. What if you could overcome your digestive troubles, and also have a healthy immune system? Packed with a powerful probiotic formula, MegaFlora is your answer. MegaFlora’s blend of 14 unique probiotics, promotes a healthy digestive tract, and a strong immune system.

Improving Long-Term Digestive Health with Probiotics

MegaFlora can overpower many organisms within the intestine, and reduce the likelihood of infection – resulting in improved long-term health. With its powerful bacterium, Probiotics aid in regulating immune responses, and promote strong reactions to infectious organisms – and allows for a healthy state of mind.

In addition, this substance helps the function of the intestinal inner lining by acting as a barrier to dangerous organisms that enter the body, thus promoting a healthy digestive system, so you can feel relaxed and live a more productive life.

The Multi-Strain Miracle to Enhance the Digestive Tract

MegaFlora is a multi-strain, high-powered formula that enhances the immune system and digestive tract quickly. Probiotics contain bacteria that live on the walls of the intestines that form a protective coat over them.

This potent formula increases the health of the protective wall, and helps bacteria be more productive in their work, thus promoting healthy immune function – which lowers your risk of sickness. It also contains some of the most vital strains to improve digestive function such as Lactoba Acidophillus, Lacto Bulgarius, and Lacto Rhamnosus.

While some probiotics may contain one or two strains, MegaFlora contains 14 strains at a daily potency of 20 billion colony units. A healthy digestive tract has many different cultures, and MegaFlora’s multi-strain formula matches the natural ecology. This enhances the digestive system, and improves your overall health quickly.

A unique supplement indeed, MegaFlora contains a strong balance of natural flora or “good bacteria” to help the urinary tract, while promoting healthy bowel function – thus allowing you to partake in everyday functions without having to worry about cramping, pain, or infection.

The “friendly bacteria” generates nutrients to make essential fatty acids which feed the gut, resulting in healthy digestion, so you can feel at ease throughout the day. This helps in detoxifying dangerous organisms that enter your digestive system. A healthy gut includes numerous strains, and MegaFlora can help combat imbalance, strengthen digestive function, and improve gastric distress, so you can sleep peacefully and enjoy a pleasant night.

How Probiotics Support Immune Function

Armed with Lymphocytes, or white blood cells, probiotics help prevent illness within the body. By using this “friendly bacteria”, the number of Lymphocytes increases, which helps protect against germs, and other bad bacteria.

This results in a strong immune system to help you sustain good health throughout your lifetime. Phagocytic activity is the ability of white blood cells to eat dangerous material that may cause poor health.

Probiotics speed up the activity, thus warding off harmful microbes, so you can live comfortably, and help reduce your chances of illness. This “good bacteria” promotes immunity health by generating more viral killing cells, which help combat infections as they enter body. This makes it easier for you to have a happier state of mind – whether at the workplace or at the comfort of your own home.

MegaPower with MegaFlora: Strains that Pack a Punch

MegaFlora contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus – a helpful probiotic that fights infection, boosts immunity, and controls a healthy digestive system. This paves the way for a more productive day – whether at work or at home.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus transforms sugars into lactic acid, which is an enzyme that aids in the digestive process. This substance enhances the immune system by maintaining a healthy intestinal tract. With its “friendly bacteria”, Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps control diarrhea, bowel problems, and allows you to increase daily productivity.

Powered with Lactobulgaricus, a bacterium found in the intestinal tract, MegaFlora gives you a strain to help you combat digestive problems – and enhances your liveliness throughout the day. Lactobulgaricus generates lactic acid, and due to low Ph levels, prevents dangerous bacteria from growing in the small intestine.

This allows for a soothing experience, and is ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant. With Lactobulgaricus, a rise in beneficial bacteria occurs, which boosts a healthy immune system, and helps improve life longevity.

MegaFlora is packed with Lacto Rhamonosus, which is a probiotic bacteria considered to be a “live organism.” This substance is able to tolerate the extreme acids that are usually seen in the stomach and digestive tract – helping ease digestion and stomach pain.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus aids the immune system by fighting intestinal and urinary pathogens, and helps to avert the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. This promotes healthy bowel activity – so you can happily enjoy your normal daily functions.

A digestive-fighting probiotic, Lactobacills Rhamnosus enhances the immune system, because it can withstand acidic environments – allowing it to flourish in the gut and prevent harmful bacteria from entering the body.

Fast Results with this High-Powered Formula

With its 50 billion colony forming cell units, and 14 life-changing enhancing probiotics, MegaFlora Plus promotes the growth of “friendly bacteria” within the small and large intestines to help overpower your most devastating digestive struggles quickly. This allows you to feel at peace, so you won’t be troubled with constant discomfort throughout the day.

MegaFlora Plus contains 30 million more cell forming units than regular MegaFlora to give you the necessary power to support your intestinal, bowel, and immunity function – resulting in good health, and better quality of life.

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