“The Infinite Mind” Radio Show on CFS Airs on NPR

"The Infinite Mind" radio show on NPR is re-airing their October 2002 CFS show Friday, August 22. To find the schedule/time for the show in your area, see http://www.lcmedia.com/stations.htm.

[See the URL above for more information – air times and dates will vary according to location.]

For information about the show, see http://www.lcmedia.com/mind239.htm.

The Co-Cure moderator has noted: "A nice touch was Janis Ian, in remission from CFIDS. She sang 'Days Like These' written in the first days of her illness. The show includes Dr. Nancy Klimas, Kim Kenney of the CFIDS Association, author Laura Hillenbrand, filmmaker Kim Snyder and many others. Dr. Anthony Komaroff said he thinks it's too early for a name change. Dr. Jason was on the show as well and there were good callers including a young woman who has had CFIDS since childhood."

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