The lymphocyte phenotype in patients with primary fibromyalgia (FM)

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The aim of this study was to examine the lymphocyte phenotype
in fibromyalgia (FB) patients. Nineteen patients [18 females,
1 male] who met the ACR classification criteria for FB were
recruited into the study. The fluorescence of leukocytes was
measured using Ortho Cytotron Absolute flow cytometer.
Ortho-mune monoclonal antibodies [OK-Combo-Tests] were used
for determination of the following antigens: CD3/CD19,
CD3/HLA-DR, CD4/CD8, CD45RA/CD4. Serum IgE was established
with ELISA [Merck, Germany]. There were no differences in
percentage of CD3, CD19, CD4, CD8, CD3/HLA-DR and CD4/CD45RA
cells as compared to healthy controls. We found a negative
correlation between CD4 and CD8, CD3DR and IgE, CD8 and IgE
concentration. The positive correlation between CD3 and CD3DR,
CD3DR and CD8 was observed. The inhibitory effect of CD8+
cells subpopulation on B-cells and thereby on IgE production
in patients afflicting for allergy has been already observed.
Moreover, the symptoms to allergy has been found in about 50%
of our patients. Taken together the data thus far obtained
present a coexistence of symptoms of allergy and FB.

Samborski W, Lacki JK, Wiktorowicz KE