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The onset of chronic Lyme-borreliosis after the cure of tick-borne rickettsia infection in simultaneous infection.


A case of a male patient with chronic
Lyme borreliosis running with marked neurological symptoms (Garin-Bujardoux-Bannwarth syndrome) is reported. Two years before the
disease manifestation the patient was infected by the tick with both borrelia and Rickettsia sibirica. The latter infection provoked an acute fever in tick-borne rickettsiosis immediately after the tick’s bite. This masked development of
Lyme borreliosis which manifested only 5 months later as a neurological
disease. It is thought necessary to propose a rational scheme of antibiotic treatment of patients with tick-transmissible diseases.

Klin Med (Mosk). 2002;80(6):64-6. Case Reports; English Abstract [1]