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The Poisoning of America: The Rise of ‘Mystery’ Illnesses Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Gulf War Syndrome

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By Jason Alexander Uttley

As the Twin Towers fell, the world watched in disbelief and shock. When the horror of it had finally hit us, a myriad of emotions washed over each of us. In the end, all we could do was to pick up the pieces, learn from our mistakes, and try to make our world a safer place. Perhaps from it all we learned that the institutions that we trust to protect and serve us, in fact need all of us to help them perform the difficult jobs that we demand of them. Our intelligence and law enforcement institutions need us, our financial institutions need us, and as we will unfortunately come to learn, our health care institutions also need us.

Before I begin to unveil the silent enemy that has been busy causing more destruction than we will ever truly be able to comprehend, I must confess that I am not a doctor. I have no medical background whatsoever. So I cannot in any way establish as scientific fact what I’m about to share with all of you. While I believe the following to be true based upon my own personal experience, along with careful deduction based on hundreds of personal stories and information that I have found from a host of sources, medical authorities nearly everywhere will undoubtedly argue otherwise. At least, they will initially. I have no doubt though that when all is said and done, the voice of the people who have been living with so many “mysterious ailments” for so long will finally be heard. And when that happens I believe the medical community as we now know it will be turned upside down, and I would truly hope in the end, changed for the better.

At the heart of this horrific story lies a group of antibiotics called the fluoroquinolones. Among the more common of these medications are: ciprofloxacin (Cipro), levofloxacin (Levaquin), norfloxacin (Noroxin), ofloxacin (Floxin), and trovafloxacin (Trovan). Serving an important role as a last line of defense against bacterial infections, these incredibly potent antibiotics have certainly done a tremendous amount of good. But then again, at what cost? Surely these are drugs that were never intended to be handed out like candy to everyone complaining of a sore throat, but in fact they were, just as they continue to be to this day. These are medications so potent that they can not only destroy most bacterial infections in no time, but they can also do permanent damage to the user in no time as well.

The most widely prescribed of these medications is Cipro, invented in 1983, and which as we all came to learn in the wake of 9/11 is so powerful that it can take on the likes of a biological weapon such as anthrax. It is in fact the most widely prescribed antibiotic in the world. And it is, like many of the other fluoroquinolones on the market, perceived to be safe enough for widespread use. Unfortunately this perception is just about as wrong as wrong can be. The reason for this miscalculation is that the side effects associated with this particular type of medication actually behaves much differently than the way researchers expect them to. Side effects to medications are typically at their worst at the time they are taken. If side effects are noticed, then the use is terminated, and typically the resulting symptoms disappear over some period of time. This unfortunately is not the case with fluoroquinolones however. The side effects for these medications can last indefinitely, and often times are actually at their worst long after the medication has been stopped. Hence patients don’t even associate the medication with their symptoms at all much of the time, as frequently the symptoms weren’t even noticeable during the course of treatment. This type of effect is much less common, and is normally associated with medications that researchers can find in measurable amounts in the body at some point after treatment has ceased. But since fluoroquinolones are not found in measurable amounts very long after treatment has ceased, their side effects are labeled “bizarre” by those few doctors who understand this effect.

The Center for Disease Control was obviously a little shocked to find an abnormally high incidence of side effects in those people they monitored who were in close enough in proximity to the anthrax letters that they ended up taking Cipro as a precaution. The Palm Beach Post recently reported that the CDC found that 57% of the members of that particular group reported some side effects while actually taking their medication, 16% with side effects severe enough to seek medical attention. This is just SLIGHTLY higher than the maker of Cipro reports is normal. But then, this is obviously a group of people who were watched very closely by the medical profession. As a result of their surprising finding though, the CDC was concerned enough to immediately begin a two year investigation to study of the long-term effects of Cipro. In any event, there are a few doctors who have been trying to tell us that the side effects are in fact much more prevalent than we have been led to believe. In a Wall Street Journal article from October of 2001 for example, Dr. David Flockhart, Chief of Clinical Pharmacology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, reported that he believed up to one third of all patients taking a fluoroquinolone would experience a “severe psychiatric side effect.” But unfortunately such warnings typically fall on mostly deaf ears.

According to the Palm Beach Post article, Cipro alone has been prescribed over 280 million times since it was first introduced. So, where are all the people who are suffering side effects from these medications if this is such a problem you ask? Well if we follow the clues, they will unfortunately lead us down a rather stunning road that is almost impossible to comprehend how it has been missed. If we begin by looking at this particular group of people that the CDC has been monitoring, and from what we know from the patients who have experienced known side effects from fluoroquinolones, it becomes clear that the more anxiety and stress that one is under at the time they take the medication, the higher the incidence of side effects will be. Why would this be? Well, the reason for this is almost certainly related to muscle tension, as the CDC will hopefully come to learn over the course of its investigation. The more stress your muscles are under at the time you take the medication, the more likely you are to experience noticeable side effects. To understand this, one need simply look to the history these antibiotics.

In late 1970’s researchers attempting to make the already rather potent group of antibiotics known as quinolones even more potent, decided to attach fluoride to the quinolone group. Fluoride unfortunately is a known poison to the human body, more toxic than lead, and in fact nearly as toxic as arsenic. Fluoride exposure, among other things, disrupts the synthesis of collagen and leads to the breakdown of collagen in the muscles, tendons, cartilage, bones, kidneys, lungs, and skin. This in fact is the reason that muscle tension appears to play such an important role in the propensity of people to have more noticeable side effects while taking these drugs if they are under greater amounts of stress at the time. Already tense muscles are made even more tense as the muscles begin to breakdown.

Unbeknownst to many Americans I think, including myself until quite recently, almost half of Gulf War veterans experienced what we have come to term “Gulf War Syndrome.” Years later many of those veterans were diagnosed with the mysterious conditions we have come to term Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. While we don’t for sure what medications those soldiers were given, as they themselves don’t even know, we do know the military stocked up on Cipro during the time of the Gulf War, and we can certainly make an educated guess that there was a good chance that the military had reason to suspect that biological agents such as anthrax would be used against them. And obviously we can all imagine that soldiers are under more stress than the average person, particular during times of war. But then, what do we know of these two relatively new conditions, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which are often so difficult to diagnose that most physicians will only make such a diagnosis by the process of elimination?

We know that millions of Americans have actually been diagnosed with these conditions despite the long winding road that it generally takes for such a diagnosis. And in a rather eerie coincidence, we know that there are in fact several other conditions, which we have also become increasingly familiar with, that also share many of those very same symptoms. Such conditions include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and Peripheral Neuropathy. While some of the people who suffer from these latter conditions do appear to have a known cause, many experience these conditions for reasons physicians don’t understand. Yet, almost unbelievably, all of these conditions appear to produce very nearly the same symptoms that are found in people who experience side effects from fluoroquinolones.

Is it possible that all of these different conditions include millions of people who have actually been misdiagnosed and are actually experiencing long-term side effects from the fluoroquinolones? Well, we do know that there are a number of different fluoroquinolones on the market, and that there are obviously a lot of variations on how each person carries their own normal amount of the muscle tension. Therefore depending on each individual, is it possible that each of us might respond in slightly different ways to a drug that has the net effect of causing our muscles to tense up even more? Not only possible, but highly likely one would imagine. Of course the potency level and the amount of time that individuals are exposed to these toxic medications also accounts for a huge range in the amount and severity of their symptoms.

While some people do experience immediate and severe side effects right away, probably based on either their increased level of muscle tension, or even possibly on their genetic susceptibility to these drugs, the majority of people undoubtedly respond in very similar ways. Therefore, most of the people who fall into those more severe side effect categories probably generally tend to have greater exposure, higher potency levels, or are under more stress than the average person. Gulf War veterans, like those people the CDC has been monitoring for anthrax exposure, along with millions of their fellow citizens have all, it would seem from the circumstantial evidence and deductive reasoning, experienced those more severe side effects. Yet does this mean that those people who have had lesser exposure levels, or have lower normal stress levels at the time they take these medications haven’t had any symptoms at all?

The answer to this question unfortunately may well be almost beyond imagination, and yet in hindsight is all too obvious. For we are still missing the biggest group of all affected by such drugs. The group in which muscle stiffness and related problems are normally put first. The group in which most of the people whose conditions eventually worsen to the point that they are eventually diagnosed with one of the more severe related conditions, in fact ALL tend to begin their long battles. The catchall condition for such mysterious ailments, stress and anxiety disorders.

While there can be no doubt that there are certainly millions of people who do have stress and anxiety related problems that are not a result of these medications, is the fact that there has been such a growth in these conditions over the past twenty years just a coincidence? “These are simply stressful times,” we’ve all been told time and time again. Apparently more stressful than the Vietnam era, or the World War II era, or the Great Depression era, or at any time during our entire history. Nevermind that the standard of living has actually increased during that same time period, or that most of us can now watch war from the safety of our living rooms. The fact is, it would certainly seem, we have all been blinded from the horrible truth. The truth, that the most widely prescribed antibiotics in the world have in fact been creating chronic health problems across our entire nation.

Probably the only scientific way to really be able to prove the validity of such an seemingly outrageous claim, would be to see if there was a cause-effect relationship to those who took such an antibiotic and then, some months later even, began experiencing “stress and anxiety” related symptoms. Of course the less scientific method would be to just ask people who suffer such symptoms if they think there is in fact such a relationship. Many people may come to the quick realization that all their health problems began to deteriorate during, or in the months following, the taking of one of these drugs. But unfortunately in the state of the “modern” health care system, doctors normally only have a few short minutes for such patients. This perhaps is much of the reason why this epidemic has gone almost completely undetected by much of the medical community over the past twenty years. Only a handful of doctors in the nation really have been able to see this problem, and they still have yet to get our full attention. Will the CDC come to understand the full scope of this disaster as they continue to investigate those people who they’ve been monitoring so closely related to the anthrax scare of 2001, or will this group of people also slowly get put into one of these growing categories of victims of the fluoroquinolones?

Even patients who have experienced immediate and severe enough side effects to KNOW that their symptoms were caused by a fluoroquinolone usually are not successful in convincing their doctors. This is because most doctors tend to rely on the information provided to them by the pharmaceutical companies, and therefore signed off on by the FDA, regarding the stated side effects to all drugs. It is a near impossible task to convince a doctor that they are not being told the full story. Just ask the group of people on the Internet who refer to themselves as “Floxies.” This is a quickly growing group of people who experienced an immediate enough side effect that they made the connection to this type of drug. Naturally this is also a relatively pissed-off group of people, because not only are most unable to convince their doctors of what they know, but they’re also just a little ticked that no one ever told them that their side effects to these toxic drugs could be permanent. Just like all the other conditions mentioned previously their symptoms often include: joint pain, muscle stiffness/aches, tendon pain, dizziness, disorientation, burning and tingling sensations, numbness, diarrhea, sensory sensitivities, and brain fog. Naturally, some have even worse symptoms, while others don’t experience nearly as many.

Across all of these various conditions though, one finds that anti-stress and anxiety-related drugs generally tend to help reduce or even eliminate symptoms in many cases. This is probably because the muscles, tendons, and joints generally tend to be the first areas affected in the majority of people, and even many of the more worrisome symptoms tend to, at least initially, be related to severe muscle tension.

Fluoride’s toxic effects, however, actually extend far beyond simply the disruption of the synthesis of collagen in the body. Fluoride can also have severe and sometimes permanent neurological effects, which can be reflected in side effects such as seizures at times, or equally serious but much less outwardly obvious related problems (i.e. Attention Deficit Disorder, Alzheimer’s, etc.). Fluoride can also cause great damage to the body’s immune system by depleting the energy reserves and the ability of white blood cells to properly destroy foreign agents, and by inhibiting antibody formation in the blood (i.e. causing increased susceptibility to illness, and possibly even Lupus). Fluoride can cause gastrointestinal problems, depress thyroid activity, and cause cardiovascular problems (perhaps due to its effect on the heart “muscle”). All these known side effects leads one to the all too real conclusion that the disorders listed already may very well be only part of all the damage that the fluoroquinolones have done over the years.

While the FDA undoubtedly believes that a toxin such as fluoride is a necessary evil in the world in which we live, it would certainly appear they have made a grave miscalculation in turning a blind eye to its effects on the human body. The short and long-term effects of all drugs and the components which make them up should be measured and fully understood, especially if they are to be used for non-life threatening conditions. Of course, the FDA is far from alone in the blame for allowing this horrific tragedy to occur. We are all ultimately responsible when we allow our institutions, which we have created to protect and serve us, to act so irresponsibly. Our whole health care system has in fact failed us, and yet, we can never forget that we have also failed ourselves.

The Gulf War veterans were never told exactly what medications they were given, despite the fact that many believed that their health problems actually stemmed from the “preventative drugs” that they took. In ignoring the health of our Gulf War veterans who bravely fought to help contain one of the great evils of our world, ironically it would seem, we have in fact been ignoring another one of the great evils of our world. In the end, perhaps our soldiers will once again be the key to restoring the freedom and way of life that our nation values so dearly.

(c) Jason Alexander Uttley. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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12 thoughts on “The Poisoning of America: The Rise of ‘Mystery’ Illnesses Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Gulf War Syndrome”

  1. josiesfoot says:

    I just recently made the connection that my rashes on my chest & back all started when I was given Cipro for a UTI in spring of 2001. About 2 weeks after taking Cipro (which made me vomit, nauseated, weak, dizzy and loose 10 lbs -making me a slight 105 lb girl standing 5′ 5″) I had this horrible prickly, itchy rash on my chest, back and stomach. I didn’t think much of it then, but from time to time I will break out in this same rash. The dermatologist had no idea what it was. Eventually she said it is a type of “yeast” growing on my skin (joy)… I am now allergic to penicillin, so recently was given tetracycline (also antibiotic) and the same rash appeared.

    I am so glad to have read this article, because now I see what the cause is when I get dizzy time to time, my joints will ache, forgetfulness (I’m only 31) and most of all am chemically sensitive. Dr.s think I am nuts when I tell them these things & they call me depressed (which I am not) I can smell a lady’s perfume if she is 500 ft away from me and just walked in the room. I start to feel like I am nuts when I say “What is that horrible smell?” and no one has any idea what I am talking about.

    I am going to do lots of research on this topic, now. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. neenyteeny says:

    I am so amazed at all these prescription drugs advertising on tv and what my friends have been prescribed. The side affects amaze me. And how these drugs are being used for other uses than what they are initially intended for. And I am even more amazed at how some folks do not bother to read the insert, having complete faith in a doctor who’s only doing what he’s suppose to be doing, prescribing drugs that the pharmaceutical companies ‘tell’ him to prescribe. It’s like poisoning those who are desperate for help.
    I have been reading a lot on various things, not just on the net, and listening to folks that are concerned. I have read that in our drinking water, there are high levels of anti depressants that they have discovered at the filtration plants. My concerns is what if they can’t filter out all those drugs/chemicals? We have to bath, do laundry, dishes, etc., it would be quite expensive to have to buy bottled water for all of that. Has anyone ever thought that even those nuclear reactor disasters in some way or another affect the entire globe?
    If we really took a close look at how we live our lives and what we consume or breath or are exposed to day after day, we could see we are slowly being poisoned in every way imaginable. If it isn’t msg, it’s mercury, if it isn’t the air we breath, it’s the meds we need. We are so consumed in it, that there’s no way out.

  3. ciproispoison says:

    I took just TWELVE Cipro pills in October of 2009, prescribed to me for a suspected UTI. I have been unable to walk since. My entire life has been destroyed beyond anything I ever fathomed possible. I have lost absolutely everything. Please read my story at: http://www.ciproispoison.com

  4. camnpog says:

    Into the mix of being worked up for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, don’t forget to count the additional poisoning of toxic heavy metals such as Bayer manufactured Magnevist brand contrast that is given via injection to gour arm as goure placed into a GE manufactured MRIs; the resulting burn I received and am still dealing with TEN YEARS LATER! is horrible and painful, fibrosis/stenosis of the bowel painful contractures of hands and feet, think a ramped up disease such as “SCLERODERMA ON STEROIDS” yes it’s that disfiguring and excruciatingly painful; it slso disanles the body from fighting infection and its only Septemeber and ive een hispitalized three times for pneumonia already! And no dermatologist will diagnose you be ause they do t want to go up against GE or Bayer. And all this because the insurance companies and he VDC won’t allow doctors to treat chronic Lyme disease; yes this IS THE EPIDEMIC the government didn’t want coming to light, now they have to deal with disfiguring and disabling previously healthy working citizens, reduced to blubbering idiots, yes I am an idiotic to have allowed modern medicine to screw me up so bad; I should’ve listened to my mother-in-law and “gone out the way I came in, but trust is something you think you have in someone or in some governmental entity and there’s no way on earth you can trust any drug company anymore,
    This has to stop; there’s no way on earth it should EVER be feasible to put a toxic heavy metal namely Magnevist by Bayer, into a vein expecting it to bind to any chelate and expect it to come out of the body;
    When I die from this, my husband has instructions to deliver my stiffened, withered, depleted body to those repsonsible, let them deal wih the cleanup.
    Meanwhile I am warning all of you getting “health work ups” make sure it does NOT include anything injected into the body; X-rays were bad enough and we should have known better; now the

  5. jamescipro says:

    my body was totally destroyed by cipro and levaquin and statin drugs. four and six months later I still carry all this pain in my body. been to countless doctors and all kinds of tests. no results. had to find out on my own what the problem was. if we do not get our elected corrupt people out of our government, we have no chance. the f.d.a. is run by the drug companies. if a doctor tells you he has a new treatment for you, you had better run like hell. I go to no more doctors and am going all natural supplements plus natural food. it is helping pain leave body. do not trust doctors. they all come from rockfellow school of medicine and they are out to destroy your body and kill you. read about illuminate. it is true. protect yourself and you children. rise up and refuse vaccinations for yourself and your children. it all a con to destroy uou.

  6. jamescipro says:

    my body was totally destroyed by cipro and levaquin and statin drugs. four and six months later I still carry all this pain in my body. been to countless doctors and all kinds of tests. no results. had to find out on my own what the problem was. if we do not get our elected corrupt people out of our government, we have no chance. the f.d.a. is run by the drug companies. if a doctor tells you he has a new treatment for you, you had better run like hell. I go to no more doctors and am going all natural supplements plus natural food. it is helping pain leave body. do not trust doctors. they all come from rockfellow school of medicine and they are out to destroy your body and kill you. read about illuminate. it is true. protect yourself and you children. rise up and refuse vaccinations for yourself and your children. it all a con to destroy uou.

  7. tlucas says:

    I love this story. I use it all the time..too bad no one was sharing this story. I share it all the time to prevent this from happening to so many other people.

    The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain Sign Petition
    Visit us at

  8. Stultz says:

    This is the wake up out of a cleverly disguised Marketed illness. It is a Medicine Antibiotic Injury that has created a multibillion dollar industry to Thrive. At first you dis-believe that something so heinous was done. Getting a diagnoses is a feat in itself. Realizing you have been duped is another. Add to the mix, is a cleverly orchastrated group of Non Profits using false information / false indoctrination to feed the masses of those who were injured by Antibiotics. It adds more confusion to those affected. Once you connect the dots you are free. Getting there is a journey. Lie after lie, spin after spin. One can recognize it if one is truly wanting to be healed. The Physicians that fueled the fire should be held accountable by a jury of their peers. Mothers who took these Antibiotics in the early 1960`s should become of aware of the harm they passed down to the unborn child. Yet recovery is in sight. It is do`able. The trick is believing you can. It is hard to convince someone that CFIDS/ME/FMS/GWS/MCS is a Antibiotic Injury. They unfortunately have become one of the brain washed. It is an indoctrination of the MIND. If one can see clearly through the FOG, one can heal., failure is NOT an Option. The fact remains, Your Own Life Depends On It. You only have one life. Fluoroquinolones Antibiotic Injury happened to those of us in the 1980`s,1990`s, 2000 fast forward, Recovery is available. Just Re-think it. It is not difficult. It is difficult for those who profit off your so called Illness, they know it does not exist and they keep the Myth Alive at your expense..Give, Donate..Obey.

  9. Laurie3397 says:

    In 2001 I was in the hospital for my Gall Bladder, they were giving me antibiotics by IV, in which Levaquin and Cipro are used for Gall bladder infections which they said I had. Since then I went years thinking I was crazy having spasms, tingling fingers, contractions in the feet and hands plus the back. Furthermore, I suffer from an odd one where I can’t lay my head on anything and where touching one part of my face also feels like pressure and hurts all over my head and I can’t sleep because my head can’t touch anything. I’ve boughten so many pillows that it’s ridiculous and nothing helps it and no one knows why. This explains it all. Finally my lack of sleep brought on a head to toe spasm of pain that it affected my breathing and I ended up in the hospital. I thought it was Zinc poisoning but they said it was Fibroymyalgia. My primary dr had never heard of my fibro symptoms and couldn’t figure out my issue with my head. It all fits.

  10. isabelle1 says:

    Fluoroquinolone can slowly insidiously wreck your health IRREVERSIBLY. More research needs to be done. I’m sure the drug companies don’t want this… or the FDA for that matter because it will expose their incompetence.

  11. Wally123 says:

    These drugs, Cipro, Levaquin and avelox destroyed my life. Actually the Levaquin nearly took my life, liver toxicity. Managed to survive the ordeal only to be given Cipro post-op. A recent Canadian 10 year study revealed 88 out of 144 patients died of liver toxicity while hospitalized for pneumonia. Everyone reading this article probably knows a friend, relative or someone who was hospitalized for pneumonia and died. Chances are they died from Fluoroquinolone/liver toxicity, not pneumonia. And we all know the doctors will sign off on the medical report their patient died of an upper respiratory infection. So as you can see we will never, ever know the number of patients whose lives were lost by a Fluoroquinolone drug, such harmless antibiotics.

    Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are one of the most toxic, damming drugs on the market. The side effects don’t go away when you stop taking the medication either. Oh no, hold on for you are on the most horrific life threatening, painful, psychotic trip of your life. You will pray for death as the tendons tighten more and more until they break in half. You might experience sever pelvic pain which feels exactly like labor pain for weeks, months or years. Your eyesight will deteriorate rapidly and sometimes a retina will detach. Floaters, bright lights, flashes and stabbing pains in both eyes. The collagen in your body will be depleted by the quinolones. Suddenly you look 20 years older as wrinkles, spider veins and brown spots pop up overnight. Your heart will race and the anxiety attacks are just awful. Death is a welcome visitor.

    The symptoms mentioned are just a handful of the side effects caused by these drugs. Fluoroquinolone drugs already have 2 black box warnings. How many black box warnings are necessary before a drug is taken off the shelves? No doubt millions of innocent people have either died or have suffered the divilitating side effects of these drugs and sadly the toxic pills remain on the shelves.

    I ended up experiencing 52 side effects. Spent nearly 1 year in and out of hospitals. Eventually I was placed in a home for care as I could no longer use my legs and arms. I had to give my dogs to a friend during the worst years of my life because I could no longer walk, pee in a toilet or bathe myself. My family took turns flying out to stay with me for 4 months.

    Doctors don’t believe you and want to throw more of big pharmas drugs I at you. Your faith in medical doctors will sway when you realize you have been “floxed” and you, the patient, know more about Fluoroquinolone toxicity then your family doctor. The pharmacist is the one who u derstands the synthesis of mitochondria DNA and how Fluoroquinolones destroy the human cells, replicating damaged cells. A very toxic cycle.

    There is no cure for this toxicity. Only time will tell. Understand this: everyone who takes a Fluoroquinolone is damaged in one way or another. Some people do not notice any affects but the cellular damage is in progress. For others one pill is all it’ takes to kill them or destroy their lives. I was prescribed a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic 6 times during a 3 year period. I recall taking only a few of them a couple of times and did not finish the bottle. In 2001, I was prescribed avelox for a sinus infection. One month later my feet began to hurt and the tendon in my left foot snapped in half. Fluoroquinolone s build up in our bodies. The readministration of this drug results in a more serious and sometimes fatal reaction. I know this is true because I was prescribed my first Fluoroquinolone drug in 1994. A few months after completing my 7 day course of Cipro my legs began to weaken and my thoughts seemed confused. I remember just not feeling right. Over the next 25 years I was prescribed a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic about 15 times.

    Big Pharmacy and the FDA know exactly what they are doing with these drugs. Fluoroquinolone toxicity takes lives and keeps people disabled and suffering from whatever mysterious disease your doctor wants to attribute your ailment to. Many physicians throw floxies into the fibro, chronic fatigue, mental, rheumathoid arthritis or whatever title they want to give your condition. Fortunately for us, the damaged goods people, the FDA and big pharmaceutical gave our condition a name: Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability./FQAD

    We will never know how many people have died or are suffering from Fluoroquinolone toxicity. The FDA/pharma have their little secret buried in our DNA and cells. My hope is soon there will be a specific test to immediately determine if a patient has suffered any side effects from a Fluoroquinolone drug AND THE EXTENT OF THE DAMAGE. Better yet, I wish this dangerous drug were pulled from the market, just like the other 48 Fluoroquinolone drugs big Pharmacy released . Fortunately, but sadly, so many people died from the 48 quinolones, big Pharm was ordered to remove them.

    Please warn your relatives, friends and everyone you know. Don’t be fooled by big pharma or physicians. They may laugh in your face and tell you that’s ridiculious and they always prescribe Cipro. They may go as far as they give their kids Fluoroquinolone antibiotics or they take it. Trust me, no physician having any knowledge about this drug would take it or feed it to their own kids. When first marketed, the FDA was quite clear when they warned about administering this drug to kids under 18 and anyone over 60. Over the years and with big pharma pushing hard, Fluoroquinolone drugs lost their direction. It is now the #1 antibiotic prescribed. It is the #1 antibiotic used in hospitals, A recent study for us hospitals revealed fluoroquinolones were wrongfully prescribed 99% of the time.

    There are literally hundreds of other antibiotics available to you, the patient. Tell your doctor you do not want any antibiotic from the Cipro family. Me, well I have already chosen death over the re-administration of a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic. No one should have to live a life suffering from the horrors of this drug and shame on the drug companies for marketing such a toxic drug.

  12. Wally123 says:

    I experienced hyper smell and ocular/hearing. I could hear the trash truck from a mile away and oh the perfume stench. I am 5 years out from a near death Fluoroquinolone reaction. It took my gallbladder, no stones and never an issue, and attacked my liver too. Survived the toxicity but was given Cipro post-op. I wish it had taken my life I know that sounds awful and I should be grateful, but I’m not. It changed me so severely physically and mentally. Once an accomplished and out-going personality to a crippled up old hag. I weighed 140 lbs. by the time the muscle wasting stopped I was a mere 108 lbs. my brother cried at the sight of me, 8 months post Levaquin and 2 months post Cipro. I had to pay for my siblings to come and care for me. Because my legs could no longer bear my weight, all 108 lbs, I could no longer drive. I would cry all day and all night. I urinated in a pan for 4 months because I could not crawl to the bathroom. i had a taxi pick my brother up from the airport and drive him to my home. I told him to let himself in because I could not get to the front door. When he saw me curled up on the couch like a corpse he could not believe his own eyes. His vibrant, healthy and athletic sister looked dead. That is when he cried…

    The life I knew is gone. Thanks to the cover-up of big pharma and the FDA. One day the truth will come out about the damage these drugs do but in the meantime doctors will continue to push these antibiotics on you as well as hospitals. Safe yourself a life of misery or possibly death. Just say NO to any Fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Take another antibiotic from a different family generation. Believe me when o tell you there are other antibiotics that will heal you just as well

    SAY NO TO ALL DLUOROQUINOLONE ANTIBIOTICS!!!! The damage is irreversible

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