The quality of life of persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

This descriptive study used a between-methods triangulation design

to analyze the multiple dimensions of quality of life in

persons with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This method,

which refers to the combination of both quantitative and

qualitative methods in the same study, allowed the authors to

obtain more comprehensive and robust data than could be

obtained by either method alone. A convenience sample of 110

persons with CFS completed the quality of life index and CFS

questionnaire, and a subset of 22 persons were interviewed

regarding their lived experience with CFS. Overall scores on

the quality of life index were significantly lower in CFS than

for other chronic illness groups. Subjects reported the lowest

quality of life scores in health and functioning domain.

Indepth interviews provided a more complete understanding of

the quality of life in CFS and further explained the low

ratings that were found on the quality of life index. The

findings suggest that quality of life is particularly and

uniquely disrupted in CFS.

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