[The significance of chronic prostatitis for the etiopathology of prostate cancer.] Article in German – Source: Der Urologe, Apr 3, 2010

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Although prostate cancer is of crucial impact as a common disease of men, numerous relationships remain unknown, particularly concerning its pathogenesis. A novel approach regarding the origin and development of prostate cancer is a phenomenon that has already been investigated in other human cancers: cancerogenesis due to chronic inflammation.

Hence, the present review introduces the current state of research concerning the relationship between chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer.

In addition to histological and biochemical features, the latest discoveries are discussed, including the relationship between the pathogenesis of prostate cancer and infection by the novel gammaretrovirus XMRV, similar to cervical cancer associated with HPV.

Source: Der Urologe, Apr 3, 2010. PMID: 20361321 by Wittschieber D, Schenkenberg S, Dietel M, Erbersdobler A. Institut für Pathologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Charité Mitte, Berlin, Deutschland, [Email: daniel.wittschieber@charite.de]

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