Thousands of ME/CFS Advocates Give Thumbs Down to UK National Health Service XMRV Information

Supposing people in the UK and elsewhere take information on the National Health Service’s website as fact – has it covered the controversy over the pre-Christmas “XMRV is dead” Virology articles well?

The NHS site allows readers to rate and comment on its article covering this issue – and as of Dec 27, the NHS article on XMRV had received 72,207 lowest possible usefulness ratings (1 star) – vs 282 other ratings. That could be an inflated number since the site might not block multiple votes by individual site users, but nevertheless sends a potent message from involved patients, worldwide.

As noted in the message string, the title of the article has changed from “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ‘Not Virus’” to “Chronic Fatigue Virus Doubt.”

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