Thrilling Results Already In the Works at Reno’s Whittemore Peterson Institute

The Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro Immune Disease (the world’s first research center for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia) is still under construction at the University of Nevada-Reno. But the research team has ‘feet on the ground’ – and leaders say they’ll have important accomplishments to present to the world within a year.

As featured in a recent profile on Reno’s Channel 2 News (scroll down to click on video), the researchers, led by Judy Mikovits, PhD, have been hard at work in UN-R’s Applied Research Facility.

Importantly, says Dr. Mikovits:

• “We have identified and we are in the process of isolating a new virus that may cause CFS…”

• And a blood test to diagnose ME/CFS “could be ready within a year.”

The Whittemore-Peterson Institute’s Mission & Services

Co-founded by philanthropist Annette Whittemore and Medical Director Daniel Peterson, MD, the Institute’s mission is to:

• Employ and continue building the world’s largest “bio bank” of ME/CFS blood and tissue samples, begun more than 20 years ago by Dr. Peterson and freely available to biologists working all over the world.

• Research the causes of neuro immune diseases such as ME/CFS/FM, autism, and atypical MS.

• Develop prevention strategies, diagnostics, and therapies;

• And offer a center for clinical care where these accomplishments can be applied and advanced.

ME/CFS/FM patients interested in contributing samples to the Institute’s biobank may enquire by e-mail –

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4 thoughts on “Thrilling Results Already In the Works at Reno’s Whittemore Peterson Institute”

  1. outofstep says:

    Thanks so much to Dr. Peterson, Ms. Whittemore (I wish we all had mothers like her!) and Dr. Mikovits for all of their hard work, and for giving us hope for a test, treatment and cure!! I am especially grateful for the validity that a test and the identification of a virus will give to this diagnosis. I’ve watched that newscast over and over and every time it makes me smile-will definitely bookmark to watch on rough days.

  2. TheSephardic says:

    so far every attempt to find the virus/bacteria that been attempted
    to being identified as being THE [SINGLE] CAUSE has failed. The pattern is that a high % (> 50%) of a virus/bacteria is a sample population (where controls are
    < 5%) is not found in 100% and may be much lower in a different population (i.e. Q-Fever in Australia vs Q-Fever in Canada). What has happened is that if you take the list of all of these virus/bacteria and look at the list of the virus/bacteria that causes Hughes Syndrome (APS) -- they are the same. My prediction is that the past history will repeat. CFIDS is NOT caused by a single virus or bacteria, but a **style** of disease infection. If this predictive test is based on the above identification, it will likely fall flat because it will give legitimately positive results for people that do not have CFIDS but do have the virus. Berg illustrated that it is infection + coagulation defect. If you do not have a coagulation defect, you may have the infection but no CFIDS. Can researchers move on instead of constantly repeating old-thinking solutions of one-disease, one-infection. For Cancer, there are different infections associated with different cancers. The same is likely true for CFIDS

  3. beanier says:

    I believe the full quote was that the Institute identified a virus that might cause CFS in a specific cohort, which I believe is the same cohort that Dr. Peterson has been following since his days in Incline Village and which has a startlingly high rate of mantle cell(b cell) lymphomas.

    for more info see-

    CFS seems like it does have different causes/subgroups, my personal picks being 1.Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, 2.Organophosphate poisoning/exposure, 3.Adverse reactions to vaccines, 4.Chronic Rickettsial disease, 5.Chronic Lyme disease… etc.

    However, ME in and of itself seems like a very distinct clinical entity, with one and only one cause. Read the literature.

    1. outofstep says:

      As someone who has had CFS for almost 20 years, who contracted it during the epidemic for which CFS was named, had the acute-onset, flulike symptoms, and Epstein-Barr related illness described in Osler’s Web (but lived nowhere near Nevada), I am ecstatic that there is an institute undertaking viral research for CFS. They do recognize that CFS is likely to be the end-point of several diseases, and that a subset had a viral onset and then ongoing viral infection. ( The kind of quantitative research that they are undertaking will help all sufferers of CFS as it will validate it as a non-psychiatric illness, or as an illness at all since at this point many doctors don’t even believe that it even exists. The people at Whittemore Peterson are devoting their lives to helping us, and making significant progress, and I am thankful.

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