Tip of the Day

To help ward off colds and flu this season, bolster your immune system with these tips from Carl J. Charnetski and Francis X. Brennan’s Feeling Good Is Good for You (Rodale).

• Watch (and Wash) those Hands. Wash your hands frequently with lots of sudsy warm water and keep them away from your mouth, eyes, and nose – three favorite entry points for viruses and bacteria.

• Talk to the Animals. Look into your pet’s eyes – you will see a direct connection and a hint of understanding. Share your worries and fears, and you will end up feeling much better, psychologically and immunologically.

• Keep Your Connections. Studies show that people with faith in God who attend services recover faster from illness. If you have lost touch with your place of worship, it’s a good idea to try and reconnect. It may provide you with some overarching meaning in your life, improve your network of support and help you meet other people – all good things for immunity.

(Source: New Age Magazine – The Journal for Holistic Living, November/December 2001)

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