Tip of the Day

If you're a man older than age 40 or a woman older than 50, talk with your doctor before you get started with a new exercise program. Your doctor will assess whether you may have an underlying heart condition or other health problem that could give you trouble. If you have a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes, or if you're obese, talk with your doctor if physical activity is new for you. It's true that exercise can often help these conditions, but you may need to tailor your program or start more slowly.

If you're taking medications, ask your doctor how they may affect your exercise plan. Drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as sedatives, antihistamines and cold medications, can cause dehydration, impaired balance and blurred vision. In addition, some medications can affect the way your body reacts to exercise. Your doctor may be able to adjust your medications.

It's true that you may have to take special precautions if you're over 40 or live with a chronic condition such as asthma or arthritis. The important thing to remember is that exercise is good for you — no matter what.

(Source: Mayo Clinic website – www.mayoclinic.com)

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